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New Words For Old

"New Words for Old" by Rev. Russ Savage  - Assoc. Minister-

Over the past 100 years our faith tradition has produced four hymnals.  In each one of them, we've added some new hymns & readings, dropped some old ones, & kept some of the old ones but changed the words.  A look at the trajectory of these hymnals provides a fascinating view over the years.

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The Gift of Partnership Members of our YRUU traveled to our sister church in Rava, Transylvania and shared their experiences with the congregation.
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Easter Sunday -- Tell Me the Old, Old Story

This Easter Sunday we'll observe our annual Flower Communion in an intergenerational service.  So remember to bring a flower or a favorite sprig of nature to share with others.

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Resurrecting Jesus In this sermon Rev. Dr. Fred Muir discusses what role there is for Jesus in Liberal Religion.
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