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The Honor of Service Rev. Russ Savage - Interim Associate Minister - On this Memorial Day Sunday, we will observe the tradtion of honoring those who served or now serve in the Armed Forces of the US.  You may want to wear a poppy or other flower on this Sunday.  If you now serve or ever served in our Armed Forces, you are invied to wear your uniform to this service.
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From Dumaquete With Direction

I recently had the opportunity to learn first hand of the excitement that some outside the U. S. have for President Obama.  As we complete the "First 100 Days"  of new Presidential leadership (what a reporter suggested feels like a ("100 years") this morning I'll share with you how my time with the UU Church of the Philippines has shaped and given.


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My Mother, Our World

Striving for independence of space, spirit, & emotion feels inherent to life; some, it appears, spend a lifetime seeking the distance of independence. There are those that go about it very consciously, while there are those who have no idea how they sound & look.  On this Mother's Day, it feels right to lok at the shaping influences on our lives....

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Hard Times

Hard Times by Rev. Bryant Brown, Intern Minister

        The music & literature from The Great Depression of the 1930s is full of instances of people coming together & helping each other.  What was a time of scarcity and fear was also a time of sharing and caring .  There are lessons we learn about real worth when the illusions of materialism are taken away...

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