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The Structure of Forgiveness The Structure of Forgiveness" - Rev. Russ Savage - Forgiveness is not a simple social act, but a complex psychological and spiritual process with a definite structure and necessary steps.  Let us examine this structure in light of our own personal needs to forgive and be forgiven, and in light of the current world situation. 
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New Wine in Old Wineskins

"New Wine in Old Wineskins"  Rev. Bryant Brown, Intern Minister

There are about as many Unitarian Universalists now as when the Association came into being in 1961. Much has changed in the world since then, demographically, technologically, culturally…. If the principles we proclaim are to have an important place in our world, we UUs need to examine truths about

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Rev. Bryant Brown, Intern Minister

Topic: "Edges"

We constantly come to edges in our lives. Changes are part of life – some we choose to make, some just happen. Each moment we stand between what has been and what may be; our memories and anticipations can be distracting. Each moment has its own reality to be appreciated.

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Running on Empty Are you running on empty?  This message is for you!
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