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It's In the Name

We make sudden judgements and quick decisions when we hear the words that people use.  Words and names shape opinions and set direction.  Join me this morning as I reflect on the power of naming.

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Speak Up "Speak Up" by Bryant Brown - Summer Minister - "Silence is important to our spiritual growth as individual practice and as a congregation.  We say we "affirm and promise"  our Principles and Purposes, so speaking up is also part of being UU.  This is Bryant's last service at UUCAnnapolis.
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let's Hear It For Silence

"Let's Hear it for Silence" - by Byrant Brown - Summer Minister - Learning is connected with talking and watching and reading and doing, and yet, there is so much that only silence can teach.  Fully realizing the irony of the project, Bryant will talk about silence.

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Letting Go "Letting Go" - Rev. Russ Savage - I have enjoyed my year here with UUCA and would like to remember it with you.  Since this will be our last Sunday service together, it is time for us to let go of one another in a way which affirms the past and looks forward to the future. 
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Ground Zero

"Ground Zero" Rev. Bryant B. Brown - Summer Minister -

Ground Zero gets used frequently to mean any place of catastrophe.  Bryant has been to several sites on this planet bearing the original, military meaning of ground zero, and places we have come to refer to that way.  Maybe there is something to learn from places we have destroyed. 

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