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Sermons by the ministers and guests at UUCA -Living boldly and compassionately in Annapolis, MD for over 60 years!
Darwin's First Christmas It’s been said that after Charles Darwin, everything changed.  November 24th marked the 150 anniversary of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species and that’s when it all changed for him.  So much so that Christmas 1859 could be called his first.  Come join me to honor and celebrate this momentous anniversary
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Our Thanksgiving Service Join our ministers and Choir for a service of Thanksgiving.
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Standing on the Side of Love & Justice Our Intern Minister, Christina Leone, explores what standing on the side of love and justice means to UUs.
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Hold On! In ministry, sometimes these are the only words I can come up with hoping to provide solace to a weary soul.  Life throws so many strikes and it gets hard to get up to bat again. Today I'll be talking about getting up and holding on.
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A Sacred Number

United Nations Sunday.

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