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Twas the Day After Christmas


I hope your Christmas Holiday was a good one!  Did you ever wonder how you (we) got to this point in the holiday festivities?  I have and I have been surprised by what I have found.  On this day after Christmas, take a step away from your routine and join me for a fun and spirited look at the way we celebrate Christmas.

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Advent:  The Coming?

On this Sunday, Rev. John takes a UU look at the Christian holy day “Advent” to see if there’s a message for Unitarian Universalists in Annapolis.

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This Thing Called Christmas

With Thanksgiving past and the “Christmas machine” reaching full throttle, this Sunday let’s pause for a moment to take a deep breath and consider this thing called Christmas.  How did we get to this?  Is there hope for your ideal holiday?  Please join with me to reflect on the meaning of the coming month.

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Being Good for Something

The motivation to do good works can vary from faith to faith.  Some have suggested that being good for nothing – that is, without a God or    Ultimate punishment – is a characteristic of our progressive way of religion.  But aren’t we good for something?  And how does this shape the way we move through life and the world?  Join me on this United Nations Sunday as I explore right relations and ethical living in a shrinking and demanding world.

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Living the Welcome

In recent weeks we have lost too many young lives to fear, shame, and distrust.  As a faith community we must respond to our Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender and Queer youth.  What does it mean to be a Welcoming Congregation in the midst of this crisis?  How does Unitarian Universalism answer to this pain?  Join us, Sunday November 7th, as we remember those we’ve lost and covenant with those who still need to be welcomed into our home.   

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The Permanents in Faith

Theodore Parker spoke of the “transient and permanent” in religion.  What did he mean?  How can our understanding of his words help us to have a more generous spirit?

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The Generosity of Stones

Recently I was asked what brought me to Unitarian Universalism.  Though I was raised in this faith, my upbringing was not the answer. Do you remember the story of David and Goliath?  David prevails over his biggest challenger with one smooth stone that he carried with him into battle. I came to Unitarian Universalism by the generosity of our people; the stones I carry with me.

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Generosity of Ministry

“What the world needs now is” …Generosity!  And that fits just perfectly with us because Unitarian Universalism is spiritually and theologically built on the foundation of generosity – actually a conspiracy of generosity.  Join John, Kimberly, Fred and “Girls Night Out” as they describe how you can be a member of this conspiracy.  After the service there will be an opportunity to learn more and respond.

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Generosity to Act

“What the world needs now is” …Generosity!  And that fits just perfectly with us because Unitarian Universalism is spiritually and theologically built on the foundation of generosity – actually a conspiracy of generosity.  Join John, Kimberly, Fred and “Girls Night Out” as they describe how you can be a member of this conspiracy.  After the service there will be an opportunity to learn more and respond.

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Generosity of Commitment

“What the world needs now is” …Generosity!  And that fits just perfectly with us because Unitarian Universalism is spiritually and theologically built on the foundation of generosity – actually a conspiracy of generosity.  Join John, Kimberly, Fred and “Girls Night Out” as they describe how you can be a member of this conspiracy.  After the service there will be an opportunity to learn more and respond.

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Please, Mind the Gaps

“The gaps are the thing” wrote Annie Dillard.  Pay attention to the gaps because it’s there where you will find opportunities for generosity (this month’s theme).  Join me this morning as we set aside some time to explore and reflect on the gaps in our lives. 

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When the Two Become One

Our theme this month is unity and this message shares how you and others can unite the “jangling discords” inside and outside of you into a symphony of tranquility and harmony so that mountains in your life can be moved.  Don’t miss this service! 

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Are you ready for a Miracle?


Fox news entertainer Glenn Beck has been sharing a very confusing and misinformed understanding of western theology.  But this is nothing new – theology changes and we are often running to keep up.  In spite of what you may read or hear, there is a unity to theological progress.  Where it’s moving is quite different from where UUs have been!  Are you ready for a miracle?  Join me and let’s see what happens. 

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The Myth of Fingerprints

As Americans and as Unitarian Universalists, we talk and sing about the wonders and beauty of individuality and the freedoms that sustain it.  At the same time, we talk about diversity and difference and how it too is wonderful and beautiful.  How can this be?  Can we – as a nation and as a religion – really have both? Can we find unity in our diversity?


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Dancing The Circle

This is our Intern Minister's last Sunday with us.  Christina Leone, looks back on how she's grown and learned and changed and how our ministry together has been a joyous dance.  She reminds us that change is a part of life but it can be a beautiful dance if we are aware of life's lessons.

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New Heaven and New Earth

We believe not in a celestial savior but in a very human one.  We are the one's we've been waiting for!  We know we have the power to change the social condition of others.  We can create communities, neighborhoods and cities we desire-- places that are safe, warm, loving and diverse.  We can change our corner of the world!   Come hear more.


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Demons are everywhere!  But the language we use is guarded and indirect.  Join me this morning as I explore what one author has called "Demons in a land of plenty."

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Thoughts From Summer

Today Rev. John catches us up on his summer reading with two books Community--The Structure of Belonging by Peter Block and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.  The insights he learned from these two books, among others this summer, are significantly changing his social justice ministry with UUCA!  Check it out...

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Everything I need to know, I learned at Camp Beagle

Chistina has spent the last couple of months with a team of dedicated volunteers planning this year's maiden voyage of Camp Beagle, a Darwin-inspired day camp to be held at UUCA from July 26-30. Come hear what the Camp was about, and how everyone of all ages can “Explore Our World with Wonder.”

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Who are WE?

This sermon topic was purchased at this year’s auction by Ken Apfel and Caroline Hadley! In response to their prompt, Christina will be examining what it means to be an American in this day and age, as well as how that relates to what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist.


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A Unitarian and a Lutheran walk into a bar...


The year is 1540 and a fictional Martin Luther and Francis David (Unitarian religious ancestor) meet in a bar, debate their differences, and affirm their commonalities. What would they think of their religious offspring nearly 500 years later? Christina Leone, Intern Minister, and her friend Chris Halverson, Vicar at St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Baltimore, struggle together to come to some understanding.

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For Praying Out Loud

Unitarian Universalists are diverse in their outlook on life, beliefs about death, and understanding of God. So it stands to reason that Unitarian Universalists wouldn't have one single view of prayer. Should we pray? Why? How?

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Your New Vision

It seems that with every election - even with every crisis or piece of legislation - Americans are given a new vision for our nation, which is often a recasting of the July 4 revolutionary message.  Today, members of the amorphous Tea Party are casting another reused vision. 

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A Vision of Summer

Guest:  Rev. Katherine James Klemstine. 

   In the  ancient Hindu spiritual writings, the Upanishads, it is written:  "There is a Light that shines beyond all things on earth, beyond the heavens, the very highest heavens.  This is the light that shines in out heart."  The question being asked today, the first Sunday in Summer, is how are we able to see and believe in that light within ourselves?  And once we have a vision of the light that shines in our heart, what can our response be to the rest of the world?

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Fathers Found

Being a good father - for that matter, a good parent - has never been easy.  For some, it's all "on the job training".  For others, they look for models, often developing a composite.  Join Rev. Fred Muir, Sr. Minister, for a look at fathering and parenting.

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Inherent Worth & Dignity

Our Intern Minister, Christina Leone, explores what it means to be human, with dignity and worth.

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Lame and Blind

My sermon title comes from Albert Einstein: “Science without religion is lame.  Religion without science is blind.”  Join me as I explore how so many are bridging the much touted chasm between science and religion.  Can we keep one foot in both places?

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Making Music Together

Sunday's guest speaker, Paula Cole-Jones of ADORE, A Dialogue on Race and Ethnicity.

ADORE is central to UUCA continuing the journey toward becoming a congregation where differences in ethnicity are not only welcomed but celebrated.  ADORE's purpose and practice is to meet regularly in a trusting and respectful environment to continue learning to face and talk respectfully on matters relating to racism and to continue to learn how racism is manifested in our society.


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Today, Rev. John T. Crestwell, Jr. will look at Malcolm Gladwell's book "Blink", and analyze why first impressions do matter and how they help and hurt our relationships with others.

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Rev. John's Installation - part 4

We regroup after the meatballs set off the fire alarm and close the service out with joyful singing and praise!

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Part 3 includes the very moving and emotional charge from Rev. Fred Muir, Senior Minister to the Associate Minister.

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Rev. John's Installation part 2 - Peter Morales' keynote

President Morales' very sobering, honest and reflective sermon was a highlight.

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Rev. John's Installation part 1

It was a powerful day full of surprises (a fire alarm), great singing from "Kirby Lane", and motivating speakers, including Rev. Peter Morales, President of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Great things are happening at UUCA!  Visit us soon!



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No Savings Plan

Rev. Kent Matthies, Former Intern Minster:  Economic times are still tough. Throughout our local communities many people worry about losing a job- not having the ability to provide.  How do we live lives of abundant love & spirit, when money is tight?  How do we prevent money problems from creating worries about insufficient grace & spirit of life?

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Hard Choices

Rev. Fred tells UUCA that the world is changing and we UUs can resist or ride the wave and welcome a new age of multiculturalism that will surely impact our faith greatly!  This is a prophetic sermon challenging members to embrace the change by expanding their spiritual core.  Don't miss this one!

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Easter Flower Communion

This is our annual easter Flower Communion service, with a somewhat whimsical story from our Intern Minister, Christina Leone, a closer look at the Easter tradition from our Minister, Rev John Crestwell, and an history of the Unitarian-Universalist Flower Communion from our Sr Minister, Fred Muir.

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Spirited Worship

Spirited Worship:  To be human means making choices, but not everyone acts on their choices.  Some see opportunity in their choices, but let them linger.  We will look at the choices we make, and the results that follow.  After the service, there will be facilitated adult and inter-generational conversation cirlces to talk about this theme.

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The Tipping Point

Little things become big things.  It will be the little things we do that transforms our congregation and religion into an inclusive, pluralistic, and multicultural experience not easily forgotten.  Check out my message.

Rev. John

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Yes, and - - -

In spite of the hardships we all face at some time, in spite of the news we are hammered with daily, how we choose to move forward with living is something that all persons have to address at some time.  Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln (whose birthdays were February 12) addressed these challenges in significant ways.

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Partnering with Churches

This Sunday, we celebrate our relationships with our Partner Churches in the Philippeans and Romania.   Rev Fred Muir examines what it takes for a successful partnership. 

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The Question Box

When one of our principles espouses the “free and responsible search for truth and meaning,” we can end up with lots of questions, and lots of different answers. This Sunday. Rev Fred Muir makes some introductory comments, then Ms Leone answers questions posed by the 9 am congregation, followed by those posed by the 11 am congregation.  The adult enrichment program “PathWork” also highlighted the benefits of questioning and answering as we grow and deepen in our faith. 


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You Were Made to Seek

"Seek and ye shall find" that you were made to seek!  The story of RW Emerson lifted up in this sermon.  This is a re-record of last Sundays message due to technical difficulties.  Enjoy!


Rev. John

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Re-imagining Valentine's Day / Standing on the Side of Love & Justice

Rev. John, Intern Minister Christina Leone, and Rev. Fred each share a brief message on what standing on the side of love & justice means regarding marriage equality in Maryland

Rev. John - "Standing on the side of..."

Ms. Leone - "Love.."

Rev. Fred - "and Justice"

Check it out!



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Getting a Grip This is the sermon you could have used before Hallowthanksmas, when family and friends asked about the congregation you attend!  But it’s never too late to get a grip on Unitarian Universalism.  If you have friends or family that you’ve been waiting to bring to UUCA, this is the Sunday.
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Love's Repercussions

On this special MLK Sunday we feature the singing of Precious Joubert, guest soloist, sharing some very familiar but moving spirituals.

The message today looks at the other side of love.  We do all the good we can in life but sometimes we get back hate, malice and envy.  We wonder sometimes if the sacrifice is/was worth it.  Dr. King had these thoughts too but still chose to stand in faith, hope and love for all humanity.  Enjoy!

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Wheel of Life This annual service recognizes the life passages (birth, coming-of-age, move, marriage and union, and death) that occurred in our congregation during 2009.
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The Meaning of Grace With the New Year comes the feeling of a fresh start. The Christian tradition emphasizes grace as God's gift to humanity, grace as a fresh start. The New Testament tells us that it is through faith, grace, and good work that we are saved. "For the grace of God, which can save every person, has now been shown for all people, and it teaches us to have no more to do with godlessness or the desires of this world but to live, here and now, responsible, honorable, and God-fearing lives" (Titus 2:11-12). What does grace mean to Unitarian Universalists, and how can we embrace it this New Year?
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