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Spirited Worship

Spirited Worship:  To be human means making choices, but not everyone acts on their choices.  Some see opportunity in their choices, but let them linger.  We will look at the choices we make, and the results that follow.  After the service, there will be facilitated adult and inter-generational conversation cirlces to talk about this theme.

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The Tipping Point

Little things become big things.  It will be the little things we do that transforms our congregation and religion into an inclusive, pluralistic, and multicultural experience not easily forgotten.  Check out my message.

Rev. John

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Yes, and - - -

In spite of the hardships we all face at some time, in spite of the news we are hammered with daily, how we choose to move forward with living is something that all persons have to address at some time.  Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln (whose birthdays were February 12) addressed these challenges in significant ways.

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Partnering with Churches

This Sunday, we celebrate our relationships with our Partner Churches in the Philippeans and Romania.   Rev Fred Muir examines what it takes for a successful partnership. 

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