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Lame and Blind

My sermon title comes from Albert Einstein: “Science without religion is lame.  Religion without science is blind.”  Join me as I explore how so many are bridging the much touted chasm between science and religion.  Can we keep one foot in both places?

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Making Music Together

Sunday's guest speaker, Paula Cole-Jones of ADORE, A Dialogue on Race and Ethnicity.

ADORE is central to UUCA continuing the journey toward becoming a congregation where differences in ethnicity are not only welcomed but celebrated.  ADORE's purpose and practice is to meet regularly in a trusting and respectful environment to continue learning to face and talk respectfully on matters relating to racism and to continue to learn how racism is manifested in our society.


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Today, Rev. John T. Crestwell, Jr. will look at Malcolm Gladwell's book "Blink", and analyze why first impressions do matter and how they help and hurt our relationships with others.

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Rev. John's Installation - part 4

We regroup after the meatballs set off the fire alarm and close the service out with joyful singing and praise!

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Part 3 includes the very moving and emotional charge from Rev. Fred Muir, Senior Minister to the Associate Minister.

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Rev. John's Installation part 2 - Peter Morales' keynote

President Morales' very sobering, honest and reflective sermon was a highlight.

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Rev. John's Installation part 1

It was a powerful day full of surprises (a fire alarm), great singing from "Kirby Lane", and motivating speakers, including Rev. Peter Morales, President of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Great things are happening at UUCA!  Visit us soon!



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