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When the Two Become One

Our theme this month is unity and this message shares how you and others can unite the “jangling discords” inside and outside of you into a symphony of tranquility and harmony so that mountains in your life can be moved.  Don’t miss this service! 

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Are you ready for a Miracle?


Fox news entertainer Glenn Beck has been sharing a very confusing and misinformed understanding of western theology.  But this is nothing new – theology changes and we are often running to keep up.  In spite of what you may read or hear, there is a unity to theological progress.  Where it’s moving is quite different from where UUs have been!  Are you ready for a miracle?  Join me and let’s see what happens. 

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The Myth of Fingerprints

As Americans and as Unitarian Universalists, we talk and sing about the wonders and beauty of individuality and the freedoms that sustain it.  At the same time, we talk about diversity and difference and how it too is wonderful and beautiful.  How can this be?  Can we – as a nation and as a religion – really have both? Can we find unity in our diversity?


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