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Living Buddha, Living Jesus

Unitarian Universalists have long emphasized the humanity and teachings of Jesus, but for many of us it is difficult to see past the traditional portrayals of Jesus as a divine being. Two religious teachers who bring a Buddhist perspective-Thich Nhat Hanh and Paul F. Knitter can help us approach Jesus again.

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Many Messiahs -- Music Sunday

Every great religion of the world has looked forward to the coming of a Messiah, and, what's more, most even share the story of a virgin birth.  From ancient Egyptian mythology to Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Christianity, the stories are remarkably similar, and many are celebrated around the time of the winter solstice.  This Sunday the UUCA Choir will be exploring these stories through music and readings dawn from different cultures and theologies to illuminate the similarities among these stories

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The Wonder of It All

It has been said that "the most precious element of life is wonder". The December holidays call up wonders of all sorts: the change of seasons, Hanukkah, Christmas, a new year, family, friendships and more are all immersed in wonder. Is it too much for you, for us? Join me this morning to explore our sixth sense: the sense of wonder!

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Two Wolves and a Lamb

James Bovard is quoted as saying that democracy must be more than two wolves and a lamb deciding what to eat for dinner. How can the democratic process, which we Unitarian Universalists profess as a great ideal, serve us well, and when can it be a hindrance? How can people of faith speak up for the lambs of the world?

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How Can I Keep From Singing?

What is your spiritual practice and how can having one lead you to a more fulfilled life? As we enter the holiday season, I will share thoughts about my spiritual practice (singing) and how it helps me give thanks for the freedom to love and be loved in return.

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Turn the World Around
From the UUA to the UN, from Annapolis to Doldol, the ancient Chinese proverb is being affirmed: "Women hold up half the sky". Join us this morning as we explore, affirm & deepen the meaning of "promoting the inherent worth and dignity of every person, promoting the use of the democratic process". The choir will be singing and there will be a special presentation on UUCA's work in the Philippines.


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Inagine If
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Imagine No Religion

John Lennon wrote it, the Beatles sang it and many of us continue to sing the song "Imagine".  "Imagine no more countries, it isn't hard to do...And no religion too... Imagine all the people living life in peace..."  What did Lennon mean--'no religion too?'  'Living life in peace?'  What do we mean?  Rev. Fred Muir helps to shape our thoughts on this song. 

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Sharing our Good News

Sometimes people critique Unitarian Universalism as being a weak faith - one that would collapse in the face of adversity. My own faith was born in the face of difficulty. I will share my religious awakening with you, and suggest ways that our Unitarian Universalist faith can sustain us in trying times. What might be the "Good News" that Unitarian Universalism has to offer?

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Imagine -- and Act!

 This morning the Rev. Stefan Jonasson, the Unitarian Universalist Association's Large Congregations Director is visiting UUCA for the first time. About Stefan: "Born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he still lives, he is one of only a handful of UU ministers who have been educated entirely in Canada, where he is one of few theologians to have won the Governor-General's Gold Medal for academic excellence. He has deep roots in the Icelandic Unitarian tradition, which flourished during the first half of the 20th century." Please be with us to give Stefan a warm welcome!

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Beyond Principles

 We are fond of quoting our Unitarian Universalist Principles as the center of the UU faith. I agree: They are a wonderful vision! But they are not what hold us together. Join me this morning as I explore what is at the core of our way of religion.

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One Plus One Equals Three

We all know that one plus one equals two, but in a religious community, it can equal three! Join us as we explore the covenant we make with one another, and how in our spiritual and community lives, we are more than the sum of our parts.

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Labor of Love

On this Labor Day weekend, let's talk about making our labor "purposeful activity".  We MUST make our work count to help our faith and America live up to its highest aspirations.

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Death is Easy -- Living is Hard

There is no sting in death.  There is only the sting of life.  Death IS... But we must learn HOW to master living.  Check it out!

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Good Goodbyes

Join us for Kimberly's last sermon. How do we practice saying "good goodbyes"?

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To Find Our Center

It has been over a decade since sociologist Robert Bellah spoke at the UUA General Assembly on the initiative to "strengthen a sense of connectedness, interdependence, and community" within Unitarian Universalism.  How far have we come from this 1998 conversation?  Have we strayed even further from this connection within our communities or strengthened our ties? Come explore this topic and what keeps us connected as diverse individuals within Unitarian Universalism.

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Matt Mayer currently serves on the UUA's Council for Cross-Cultural Engagement.  He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2004 and combines hand drumming and music in his messages. 

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Sex & War

In this sermon, Rev. John shows us the correlation between sex and war and why there is a spiritual imbalance in our world.  He proclaims with boldness "Let the Goddess Return!"

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We'll Always Have Abbottabad

Join  Rev. Fred Muir as he reflects on the murder of Osama bin Laden.

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The Light & Dark of Shadows

Do you remember learning about your shadow - that walking partner in the sun, or friend that hides in the dark?  Do you remember Peter Pan's shadow and all the adventures they went on?  What adventures are you on today and how does your shadow help or hinder those possible journeys?  Our Summer Minister Kimberly will explore with you!

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From the prefix “com-“

Join Kimberly and Partner Church minister Barni in exploring the meaning and practices of Communion.

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"All that you touch you change, all that you change, changes you.  The only lasting truth is change.  God is Change."  -- Octavia E. Butler

Join lay minister Emerson Z. Hamsa as she explores change and her decision to enter the ministry.

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Back to the Future

On this very special Father's Day, Rev. John reaches back in time to explore his path to Unitarian Universalism nearly 12 years ago and how that has shaped his future. Perhaps you can remember your journey to this faith and how it has impacted your life? Come hear more!

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Happy Birthday, King James Version

The King James Version has been considered by most as the standard for biblical texts. Even among religious liberals, agnostics and atheists, if the Bible is read it must be the KJV. This year is the 400th anniversary of the KJV (1611). Let's explore its history and value and in turn come to a deeper understanding of a book that some suggest might be found in every home in the western hemisphere.

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Editing Life

Many of you use the online encyclopedia called Wikipedia, which "is written collaboratively by largely anonymous Internet volunteers who write without pay. Anyone with Internet access can write and make changes to Wikipedia articles (except in certain cases where editing is restricted to prevent disruption or vandalism). Users can contribute anonymously, under a pseudonym, or with their real identity, if they choose." How about Wikivita - an ongoing writing and editing of life, your life, the life we share, the larger Life. What a ride! Join me this morning as I look at the journey of life through the window of Wiki.

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Poor People's Campaign Revisited

This sermon is dedicated to sermon auction winners Ken Apfel and Caroline Hadley.  Today, Rev. John will examine from several perspectives on why it is time for a new campaign against poverty and why we are building a permanent under "caste" today due to spiritual deprivation.  Come hear more!

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Flower Communion Sunday

It's Mother's Day! It's our annual Flower Communion! It's Spring! It's our Bridging Ceremony! So many meaningful journeys (this month's theme) and all of them are full of opportunities and insights. Are you ready? Are you ever ready? Really?! Bring a flower for the Flower Communion vase and let's explore what being ready for our journeys is all about.

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What does it mean to be part of the interconnected web? On this Green Sanctuary Sunday, please join Intern Minister, Kimberly, and Green Sanctuary members, in a spirit-filled exploration of ethical eating. Whether you eat meat, or think tofu is the only way, every time we eat we make a statement of belief, we act out our principles, and we participate in the interconnected web of life, of which we are all a part.

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Sounds of Spirit Choir & Band

Once a month UUCA has a "Spirited Worship" which is a multigenerational worship service for the entire congregation.  A story is told throughout the service and the rest of the liturgy is woven around the story. In this episode we are featuring the music of Spirt Sundays featuring our Sounds of Spirit Choir & Band, directed by Rev. John and Betsy Kraning.  The group has over 40 people members!  The idea behind the music for this Sunday is that it be contemporary, alive or "spirited" and simple for all generations to embrace.  Enjoy this sampling of the music that inspires so many each month at UUCA!

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A Jesus for UUs

The life and message of Jesus is grabbed and shaped by groups of all sorts.  Has the meaning and direction of Jesus simply become a social and spiritual Rorschach?  Can you read him any way you want?  Of course not!  For (U)Us his message remains a transforming and profound one.  Join me this Sunday as I reflect on this message. 

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Retreat!  Retreat!

As we continue to explore the monthly theme of “Transformation”, come explore with Intern Minister, Kimberly, the meaning of “retreat” and how it can transform each of us and our faith community. 

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Heads Up for the Wrecking Ball

Is "Faith" a noun or a verb?  Something we have or a way of being?  For Unitarian Universalists, what does it mean to be a Faith Community?  What is it that we have Faith in? 

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The Power of Belief

It’s not enough to just “have faith” you must BELIEVE in order to get the most out of your spiritual journey called life. 

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Trafficking the Faith

We don't often do a very good job of sharing our Unitarian Universalist faith with family and friends, or in our nation or abroad.  And yet, I hear personal testimony over and over about how liberating and transforming our way of religion can be.  Join me this morning as I explore the challenges of sharing our faith. 

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Each in Their Own Tongues

Welcome, Rev Dr Susan Newman, to our pulpit as she explores diversity in our relationships.

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A Courageous Love

Valentine Day Sunday is the time each year where UUCA  "Stands on the Side of Love!".  Listen to why Kimberly knows that it will take courageous love to help us reach beloved community.

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DArwin Sunday -- The Curiosity Cabinet

"The Curosity Cabinet"  We all have one of some sort, a curiosity cabinet that is.  Charles Darwin had many, from childhood on - I've seen them!  One important question is:  What do you do with its contents?  Where doese it take you? For Darwin, it took him to extraordinary places.  This is Darwin Sunday.  Join us!

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Enough to Convict

When asked the often quoted question, "If you were charged for being a Unitarian Universalist, would there be enough evidence to convict you", how would you respond? Come close our month of “Justice” with intern Kimberly Tomaszewski, in praise of the works of this community and the efforts still to engage.


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During Dr. King's life the word integration was used often as way of mainstreaming American culture toward multiculturalism and equality.  We have succeeded as a country in integrating most of our social systems. We should be proud.  However, there are still groups of Blacks, Whites and others who still wonder if they are a part of the American Dream.  Toward the end of his life King sought to bring these underprivileged folk together during the Poor People's Campaign.  He did not live to see this dream come to fruition.  For us today, what are we called to do as a faith community with the poor people in our nation and world? 

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