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Enough to Convict

When asked the often quoted question, "If you were charged for being a Unitarian Universalist, would there be enough evidence to convict you", how would you respond? Come close our month of “Justice” with intern Kimberly Tomaszewski, in praise of the works of this community and the efforts still to engage.


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During Dr. King's life the word integration was used often as way of mainstreaming American culture toward multiculturalism and equality.  We have succeeded as a country in integrating most of our social systems. We should be proud.  However, there are still groups of Blacks, Whites and others who still wonder if they are a part of the American Dream.  Toward the end of his life King sought to bring these underprivileged folk together during the Poor People's Campaign.  He did not live to see this dream come to fruition.  For us today, what are we called to do as a faith community with the poor people in our nation and world? 

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