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People Like U(U)s

As we bring this month's theme of "Sabbath" to a close, let's explore another Sabbath keeping group, who, like us, is a uniquely American religious story: the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons). With the possibility of having an LDS President, join me as I consider why Mormons are people like (U)Us. 

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Spots of Time

It's likely that we all remember spots of time when acts of kindness as well as acts of challenge and complexity permeated our lives. Those moments stand out; often linger - sometimes for weeks, the year, maybe for a lifetime. Judaism's High Holy Days address these spots of time. Join us this morning as we observe the themes of this season.

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Apples and Honey

Tonight marks the beginning of Rosh Hashanah: the Jewish New Year! I celebrated my first Rosh Hashanah a couple of years ago with preschoolers at the K.A.M. Isaiah Israel congregation in Chicago, where I was introduced to the simple joy of apples and honey. As we contemplate the meaning of Sabbath this month, let's explore the simple joys of life.

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Water Communion -- In Gathering

Join us for our final 10:00 service of the summer, and the official start of the church year. We will gather together for a celebration of our community, including blessing our R.E. facilitators, welcoming our newest members, and remembering why coming to church is an important part of our lives. Don't forget to bring a small vial of water (an ounce or two, from your vacation, local stream or pond, swimming pool, or tap) to pour into our communal bowl as a part of our "Water Communion" ceremony

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Intern Introduction

Welcome our newest Intern -- Daniel Gregoire

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AWAKE Ministries

Rev's John and Fred take you on a journey of multicultural competency that has shaped the present and future course of UUCA.  Learn how the UUCA will continue living boldy and compassionately in the coming months.  Stay tuned at the end for soloist Nicole Rumeau singing "Love".

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