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Reclaiming 2013

For many, a New Year poses challenges. What are we to do with all the predictions, challenges and regrets? Can we greet the New Year in a way suggested by the poet who wrote: "A new and untried year comes over the edge of the world, an unwrapped gift, a perishable gift". Join me this morning as we re-imagine the past and welcome the new.

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Get Ready for Grace

Where does grace come from, and what is it anyway? Is it coincidence? Luck? Can we make our own grace? Let's talk about grace and consider ways to bring grace into our lives.

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Happy Thanksgivukkah

Mayor Thomas Menino of Boston said he would proclaim November 28, 2013, 'Thanksgivukkah', saying through a spokeswoman: "This is a big deal, a once-in-a-lifetime event."  The Mayor's office is right: the next Thanksgivukkah will be in 80,000 years! Still in the holiday spirit? Come join us as we explore this unique moment of grace and opportunity.

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Humanism Is Dead.  Long Live Humanism.

I, like thousands of others, came to our way of faith as a UU Humanist, which was synonymous with Liberal Religion for at least seventy years. Like many other ideas and customs of the last hundred years, humanism has either died or morphed. Join me this morning as I explore this important part of our faith heritage and what has happened to it.

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Lessons From King Peggy

Peggieline Bartels - a U.S. citizen, a secretary in Washington D.C. - reluctantly answered a call early one morning several years ago. The caller informed her she had been elected King of her ancestral home, a village in Ghana. The joys and challenges she faced are lessons for us. Join me as I share the story and wisdom of King Peggy. Today we will also recognize our international partners.

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To Question is the Answer

"To question is the answer" is a tried and true UU motto, which sums up our willingness to test old ideas and ponder new ones. Let's dig a little deeper into the idea of a "free and responsible search for truth and meaning". Come with an inquiring mind and a good question for a round of stump the intern.

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El Dia de Los Muertos

In the spirit of the Mexican Day of the Dead, we will come together to celebrate life, honor the memories of the dead, and practice our Spanish a little! Bring a photo or memento of someone who has died to place on our Ofrenda, or offering table.

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Collaboration with Chaos

We are the captains of our souls, but are we really in control? What about the ship? Who is on the crew?  How can we use the winds that have tossed us around to our advantage?

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World of Wonder

As I see and feel the seasons change, I am filled with the wonder of creation. My world - our world - is filled with wonders of all kinds. As the leaves turn and fall, I know the seasons of my life are changing too:  a new grandson is on the way and soon my mother will pass on. I am immersed in the seasons of life; wonders surround me. Join me this morning as I explore our world of wonder.

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Membership Matters

Join us as we welcome our newest members to the UUCA community, as well as honoring those who have been members for 40 or more years! We'll explore why membership, or "belonging to the church" matters at all... What's the point?

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Come Home

We are in the Jewish season of Sukkot, a time where many Jews make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, their ancient and holy city.  We must all go home at times to remember who and what we are. Let's explore this more...

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Forgive Us Our Sins

"Sin" is not a word that UUs are prone to use. Some suggest that we don't believe in sin, which might mean it doesn't exist? What's that about? Judaism's High Holy days just concluded and their observance has a lot to teach us about sin. This morning we will explore sin and "The Days of Awe".

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Just Trust In Jesus

Trust is an important part of living.  Can you live without trust?  Join us this Sunday as we look at who, and what, we trust.

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Soul Meets Body
One of my favorite songs is entitled "Soul Meets Body", by a band named "Death Cab for Cutie". This song reminds me, in the face of our incredibly physically-overanxious society, to live where my soul meets my body. How can we live in a way that honors our physical bodies, as a piece of our UU spiritual lives?
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Learning to Fall

Rev. Fred handed me this little book and said "It's one of my favorites. There are many sermons in it."  He was right!  Let's talk about the blessings of an imperfect life.

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Indelible Parts Remain

Our time together in the same space has come to an end, but our time together has not ended. In this farewell sermon Daniel will consider the meta-narrative and the metaphysics of the messages he has shared as Intern Minister and Summer Minister in Annapolis. And, how they point him, and us, along a transformative path.

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Ports of Call

Home is not so much about where we are; it is where we create it. How do you create a sense of home amidst the tumult and ambiguities of a world that seems to offer so few places to drop anchor? It's time to reset our GPS -- Recalculating.

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Give Them Not Hell, But Hope . . .

These are words commonly misattributed to the founder of American Universalism John Murray. Even though he may not have said these words, they have inspired generations of people. Let's explore one of our own prophets along with the mythos and the reality of Universalism through the centuries and connect with the special meaning of Universalism in the present day.

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Choose Your Own Adventure
On this summer Sunday, Rev. Christina gives you the power to steer the direction of the service. You'll have the chance to ask the questions you've always wanted answered. Is there a heaven? What to tell my children when kids at school tease them for not "believing in Jesus"? How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?
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John discusses his cat's faith and the story of Elizabeth Gilbert, best-selling author of the book "Eat, Pray, Love."

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As the nation's birthday recedes into the past for another year, let's reflect together on the changing character and vision of our country and its citizenry. It goes without saying that our nation's mothers and fathers could never have imagined where their early dreams have taken us. Would they recognize what they started? What might they think? Could we say the same thing for our beloved Unitarian Universalism? Let's share some thoughts about vision and change for the U.S. and UUs.

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A Series of Impossible Disguises

Speak truth to the powers, especially the power of Fear, in all of its' disguises. Join us for a service exploring the many ways to unmask the fears that rob us of our inner brilliance and keep us from living lives of dignity and joy.

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Deliver Us From Our Stuff

Just one more book, just one more objet d'art, just one more magazine, just one more dress? Perhaps we are already past the tipping point, in our homes, our workplaces, our lives: with towers of STUFF. How does a UU faithfully navigate the goat-paths and constant churning in a materialistic culture that says more is better; when more has become too much? Let's de-clutter our lives and our spirits with worship.

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Why Church Is Different

We do things a little differently at church. Church isn't like the rest of the world. And that's a good thing. Come learn Rev. Christina's vision for your engagement with UUCA, and why it will be a healthy, loving, and fulfilling thing.

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How to Speak UU

As you prepare your summer plans, just think of all the opportunities you'll have to tell people about the church you attend - family, friends, strangers. Before you say anything, learn the lingo! Join me in this lesson of how to speak UU.

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Go Inside to Find My God

Let's talk about the God of our understanding and how to find the authentic self.

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Can I Get a Witness?

Rev Fred Muir gave the ordination sermon for Rev Nancy Bird Pellegrini at the Cedar Lane UU Church in Bethesda, MD on Sunday Afternoon, May 19, 2013

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Life is Sad, So Laugh Often

We were born to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine; it is also the best teacher. It teaches us to release, let go, and to be courageous in the world. This service will explore using the tool of laughter in the vocation we call life.

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Mothers of Our Faith

We hear a lot about our religious founding fathers... Francis David, Channing, Ballou, Emerson... But what about our founding mothers? Join Rev. Christina for a Mother's Day celebration of some fantastic women who helped shape our faith in the past, and inspire us for the future.

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Community as a Beloved Vocation

Wesley Seminary student and member of UUCA, Emerson Hamsa, shares why she is excited about Unitarian Universalism and its possibilities for Beloved Community.

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How to Save Your Spirit

Together let's think about what we say and how we are with others, especially those we say we care about.

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Flower Comunion

Bring a flower (or two!) to share at our annual Flower Communion service! This service will celebrate our unity in diversity. We will honor the gifts we bring to our community, as well as those that we take with us as we leave this place each week.

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Join the Young Religious Unitarian Universalists (YRUU) as they reflect on the many interpretations of prayer, and how prayer relates to their own lives.

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Who's Your Jesus?

Christians (and non-Christians) around the world are celebrating the risen Christ this morning. Easter often appears to transcend any personal and cultural views of Jesus, even though those views exist in abundance. While we at UUCA may not hold to an orthodox observance and expression of Easter, we have many views of Jesus. Bring yours this morning as we examine "who's your Jesus?"

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Seek And Ye Shall Find . . . .A Home
Unitarian Universalism is a perfect home for seekers of a new path. Come join us as the UU Humanist group shares their vision of a "home" for those interested in Science and Reason, Wonder and Respect, Compassion and Community -- including atheists, agnostics and the "nones" who are hoping for connection in our disconnected world.
  Time    Speaker
  0:00    Chris Kuhn
  0:32    Robert Crockett
  2:55    Esther Geil
  4:00    Tom Moore
  5:24    Cliff Andrew
  6:40    Liz Barrett
  7:40    Rev Christina Leone
19:30    Bill & Betty Crowley
21:05    Dave Hackett
23:45    Judy Bender
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Egy Az Isten (God Is One)

Who says? You'd never know it when looking at the four "legacy" expressions of Unitarianism (Hungarian, English, US and Philippines), and this doesn't include emerging UU congregations elsewhere in the world. Each one articulates their belief of God in different ways. And what about you? Can you affirm "egy az isten"?

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Saved By A Different Faith

Rev. John explains the salvific message of his faith, the meaning of salvation and living authentically.

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The Cure for Love

Could you be suffering from "Lovesickness"?  Symptoms include:  headaches, fatigue, restlessness, rapid heartbeat, sweating, resentment, offense, animosity and sense of loneliness: resulting from long-term exposure to disappointment, lost or unrequited love?  Well, now there is a solution.  Some are even calling it a 'cure'.  And, you can actually get it without a perscription.  Join us this Sunday to learn more and to see if you might experience the benefit of Forgiveness.

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Ghosts & Spirits (and things that go bump in the night)

How did you spend Darwin Day (February 12)? Probably not thinking about ghosts, spirits or things that go bump in the night! Perhaps you should have since these (and more) have shaped the conversation of what Darwin said - and didn't say - for centuries, especially today. Join me for our annual Darwin Sunday and be prepared to be bumped!

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Standing on the Side of Love

Rev. John will share his vision for UUCA, AWAKE and the communities we serve using Langston Hughes' poem "I Dream A World" as his inspiration.

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Judge Not That Ye Be Judged

The Sage Jesus is quoted as saying these words in the book of Matthew 7:1. What did this mean when it was written and does it have anything to say to us today regarding forgiveness and letting go of things?

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Was It All Just a Dream?

As we honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the triumph of human rights, let us consider the ways that all dreams can become reality and all realities become dreams.

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Peace & Quiet

As we start the new year, let's enjoy some peace... and quiet. Reflective questions to consider the year past and the year to come, and some words to ponder the value of silence. And together we will enjoy some moments of quiet.

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Law of Detraction

The Buddha said, "What you have become is the result of what you have thought." How can you begin to think healthy thoughts that will bring vitality and wholeness in your life? How can the world begin to manifest peace? Learn about the "Law of Detraction" and you will be well on your way to understanding how.

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