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The Cure for Love

Could you be suffering from "Lovesickness"?  Symptoms include:  headaches, fatigue, restlessness, rapid heartbeat, sweating, resentment, offense, animosity and sense of loneliness: resulting from long-term exposure to disappointment, lost or unrequited love?  Well, now there is a solution.  Some are even calling it a 'cure'.  And, you can actually get it without a perscription.  Join us this Sunday to learn more and to see if you might experience the benefit of Forgiveness.

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Ghosts & Spirits (and things that go bump in the night)

How did you spend Darwin Day (February 12)? Probably not thinking about ghosts, spirits or things that go bump in the night! Perhaps you should have since these (and more) have shaped the conversation of what Darwin said - and didn't say - for centuries, especially today. Join me for our annual Darwin Sunday and be prepared to be bumped!

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Standing on the Side of Love

Rev. John will share his vision for UUCA, AWAKE and the communities we serve using Langston Hughes' poem "I Dream A World" as his inspiration.

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Judge Not That Ye Be Judged

The Sage Jesus is quoted as saying these words in the book of Matthew 7:1. What did this mean when it was written and does it have anything to say to us today regarding forgiveness and letting go of things?

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