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Give Them Not Hell, But Hope . . .

These are words commonly misattributed to the founder of American Universalism John Murray. Even though he may not have said these words, they have inspired generations of people. Let's explore one of our own prophets along with the mythos and the reality of Universalism through the centuries and connect with the special meaning of Universalism in the present day.

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Choose Your Own Adventure
On this summer Sunday, Rev. Christina gives you the power to steer the direction of the service. You'll have the chance to ask the questions you've always wanted answered. Is there a heaven? What to tell my children when kids at school tease them for not "believing in Jesus"? How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?
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John discusses his cat's faith and the story of Elizabeth Gilbert, best-selling author of the book "Eat, Pray, Love."

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As the nation's birthday recedes into the past for another year, let's reflect together on the changing character and vision of our country and its citizenry. It goes without saying that our nation's mothers and fathers could never have imagined where their early dreams have taken us. Would they recognize what they started? What might they think? Could we say the same thing for our beloved Unitarian Universalism? Let's share some thoughts about vision and change for the U.S. and UUs.

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