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Soul Meets Body
One of my favorite songs is entitled "Soul Meets Body", by a band named "Death Cab for Cutie". This song reminds me, in the face of our incredibly physically-overanxious society, to live where my soul meets my body. How can we live in a way that honors our physical bodies, as a piece of our UU spiritual lives?
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Learning to Fall

Rev. Fred handed me this little book and said "It's one of my favorites. There are many sermons in it."  He was right!  Let's talk about the blessings of an imperfect life.

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Indelible Parts Remain

Our time together in the same space has come to an end, but our time together has not ended. In this farewell sermon Daniel will consider the meta-narrative and the metaphysics of the messages he has shared as Intern Minister and Summer Minister in Annapolis. And, how they point him, and us, along a transformative path.

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Ports of Call

Home is not so much about where we are; it is where we create it. How do you create a sense of home amidst the tumult and ambiguities of a world that seems to offer so few places to drop anchor? It's time to reset our GPS -- Recalculating.

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