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Membership Matters

Join us as we welcome our newest members to the UUCA community, as well as honoring those who have been members for 40 or more years! We'll explore why membership, or "belonging to the church" matters at all... What's the point?

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Come Home

We are in the Jewish season of Sukkot, a time where many Jews make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem, their ancient and holy city.  We must all go home at times to remember who and what we are. Let's explore this more...

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Forgive Us Our Sins

"Sin" is not a word that UUs are prone to use. Some suggest that we don't believe in sin, which might mean it doesn't exist? What's that about? Judaism's High Holy days just concluded and their observance has a lot to teach us about sin. This morning we will explore sin and "The Days of Awe".

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Just Trust In Jesus

Trust is an important part of living.  Can you live without trust?  Join us this Sunday as we look at who, and what, we trust.

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