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A Village of Hope

There is a Nigerian proverb that reads, "It takes a village to raise a child". Today we will celebrate and contemplate the Kwanzaa celebration of child-rearing as a community effort.

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Where Is The Light?

On the darkest day of the year, we contemplate where the light is in our lives, with the help of four candle-friends (UU Chalice, Christmas, Kwanzaanu Kinara, and Hanukkah Menorah) and Grandmother Yule. This service will be lots of fun for ALL ages--song, ritual, and fire!

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Shaped by Epiphanies (large & small)

The people who produced the traditional, biblical Christmas narrative were part of a culture wishing for and expecting a religious revelation - an epiphany of some sort that would fill them with hope, set their world right, and make everything OK. Since then the narrative has been edited so that now the holiday story is much broader and expansive (and deeper?). Whether you like it or not, agree with it or not, the Christmas narrative is true to the human spirit and epiphany. Let's explore the hope found in this epiphany.

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Hope is a Verb

Hope isn't a weenie emotion! It's an active process, and it requires skills to do well. Let's become a hopeful community!

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Community -- the Structure of Belonging

We will examine Peter Block's book and discuss the difficulties and dynamics of building a beloved community. Fergurson, Mayor Barry, race, and class will be looked examined.

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The Welcome Table

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, a day set aside for family, food, and gratitude, let's consider the stories we have inherited about this holiday, the "discovery" of America, and the ongoing destruction and denigration of Native peoples. What's a UU to do?

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Maybe a better title would be: "Whose Are You?". Someone once said (or someone should have said): "By their communities ye shall know them". What communities have your allegiance?

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Assisted Living Plan

The idea of building community is not limited to external processes and changes. What is the internal work of community?

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Gathering for Life & Death

In honor of el Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) we will contemplate the purpose of community -- to gather together to cherish our moments in life and to honor each other in death. Please bring a photo or memento to place on our Ofrenda (offering altar) to remember loved ones who have died.

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Tattoos On The Heart



Gregory Boyle is a Jesuit priest and founder of Homeboy Industries. His book and this sermon about the power of social entreprenuerialism will inspire you and show you what contemporary spirituality can become when the heart is open.





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Does Generosity Have a Future?

If we just paid attention to news reports and the stories told by friends and peers, we might conclude that the spirit of generosity has fallen on hard times - that there is, in fact, a dismal future for generosity. Let's explore together if this is true and what generosity means.

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Careful What You Wish For

Patricia Owen, Intern Minister


What happens when we go too far with generosity? Is that even possible? How do we temper our instincts to fix everything that is broken in our world? In this sermon UUCA's new intern minister shares her story and how she has learned the lesson of being generous and welcoming.


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Give and Ye Shall - - -

Why do we exercise generosity? Is it only so that we "shall receive"? Receive what? What is the meaning of generosity? How can we be generous in our lives? Let's explore this month's theme, together.

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Blessed Be the Ties that Bind

On this Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we'll reflect on one of the many themes of the High Holy Days: Suffering. Using the ancient Book of Job as a lens, let's try to get a grip on this overwhelming and powerful reality that ties all humans together regardless of who or where they are.

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Lessons Learned Until Now

September 21 is the day of my birth. I think a reflective sermon is appropriate on my special day. So, I plan to share a few of the life lessons I've learned since joining this congregation five years ago. You will find some of the lessons to be funny while others may raise concerns. In either case, I think there is a take away that you can apply in your personal life today.

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In the Beginning

As we gather to start the regular church year, it's a beginning of sorts. Beginnings are important, so this Sunday I will reflect with you about our beginnings - as humans, as Unitarian Universalists, and as a community of faith called UUCA.

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Astonishing Assemblies

This year, the Assemblies of God (AG) celebrated their centennial. "The AG grew out of the famous Pentecostal revival that began on Los Angeles's Azusa Street in 1906. In 1914, local congregations met in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to form the denomination. Mem­ber­ship reached only 50,000 by the 1920s, but then it proceeded to grow rapidly. The Assem­­blies of God in the United States reached 1 million members by 1971, rising to 3 million today." (Christian Century) Is there anything that we UUs can learn from the AG? This morning I'll share ideas and lessons that I feel we must learn from this amazing and uniquely American faith.

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Taking Stock

As Ferris Bueller once said, "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while you could miss it." But when it's time to stop and take a look at our lives, how do we do it? Through what lenses do we see ourselves, and how do we assess what we're looking at? 

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The Law of Surrender

"Be like water.  Adjust to the object."  I never knew that Bruce Lee and martial arts would lead me to Taoism, and an understanding of living the process, rolling with the punches and learning the art of patience.  Check out my message from Sunday.   --Rev. John

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Yes, that "wiki" as in Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia created by not just one, two or a dozen experts, but where there is a joint effort by many to share what they know. WikiWorship is a community project, to be created by the congregation. How can you help? Send Fred Muir a religious/theological/spiritual/church topic or question you would like addressed in our WikiWorship.

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Multicultural Truth Telling

Multiculturalism is a vision of church that we at UUCA have discussed, promoted and struggled with. So has our nation; so have other countries. This morning I'll push the conversation further by sharing my own personal and professional struggles as well as speaking about a November event (here at UUCA) on inter-culturalism. I hope you will join me. (This auction sermon was purchased by Caroline Hadley and Ken Apfel.)

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Why I Am a Christian

Though we have grown from the Christian tradition, most UU's would no longer call themselves Christians. Is there something in our roots that we have abandoned that's worth going back for? Let's talk about Christianity, what it is, who gets to decide, and what it might mean for UUs.

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Why I Am Not a Christian

Many of us are "come-outers" - people who have left other faith traditions before coming to Unitarian Universalism. What does this mean for us as individuals and as a community, and how do we make the transition from moving away from one thing to moving toward something else?

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Question Box Sermon

As UUA General Assembly wraps up, Rev. Christina will return a day early to answer your questions! Any questions are welcome-- theological, pastoral, philosophical, or practical-- especially welcome will be questions about the UUA and General Assembly.

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Life Lessons From a Motorcycle

You can learn a lot about life and about yourself on two wheels. As summer arrives and the bikes hit the roads, find out what life lessons these vehicles may have to teach us.

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From Dignity to Discontent

This summer, 2014, begins a decade-long anniversary of demonstrations, legislation, and remarkable changes and challenges in our nation. Join me as I begin what will be the first of many sermons to come about the historical transformations still shaping who and what we are today (as UUs and citizens of our nation).

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Choose Your Stones Wisely

As we prepare to enter the summer - a time of vacations and visits filled with catch-up and conversations - what will you say about the faith community you support, about Unitarian Universalism? You may feel a little like David meeting Goliath. Remember that David chose "five smooth stones" to take with him. Let's talk about the stones we choose.

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Finding Your Purpose is Your Mission

This morning Rev. John utilizes one of his favorite poems, "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley, as an invitation to finding your life purpose which he believes lies in your ability to look within first.  Before the message there is a brief rendition of the poem by Morgan Freeman.  The sermon follows the recitation.  Enjoy!

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"Missional" is a big buzzword for churches in recent years, and the idea of "incarnation" is a central part of missional church. What does it meant to embody Unitarian Universalism?

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Mission-Oriented Congregation

Rev. John shares his understanding of the Freedom Riders and how their mission is related to our mission as a congregation and faith.

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Can't Go Back

This Sunday Rev. Christina will lead worship on a topic chosen by the winner of her 2013 "Auction & Harvest Dinner" sermon-- Darrel Nash. Darrel has been a UU (and a "U" before that) for decades and he has seen many changes in our liberal faith. As we grow into the future, he wants us to remember we can't go backward. And even if we could... Would we want to?

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The Responsibility of New Life

With this week comes Passover and Easter, two important festivals honoring life-giving faith. What is life-giving about our faith, and what responsibilities come with the gift of new life?

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What is Truth for You?

I have one tattoo. It is the Chinese symbol for truth--I hope. I got this tattoo at age 35, when I thought I had things all figured out. The truth is, the more I learned about what was true the more I learned that some things are true while most things are relative. Let's discuss finding what is true for you.

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Please come join a congregational discussion on "Truth" led by our Young Religious Unitarian Universalists.

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Let's Talk About Lilacs

It can take seven years for a lilac bush to bloom for the first time after planting. Such a long time to wait for something so small. But if you've ever smelled one, you know it is worth waiting for. In our right-now, instant gratification, immediate results culture, seven years can seem like an eternity - and seven generations downright incomprehensible. What becomes possible for us when even fragile and fleeting single seeds are worth tending?

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They're Back!

I've grown used to religious trends and communities that come then go, that show strength then weaken.  Some religious pundits are surprised by the recent show of popularity for one theology that many thought had been relegated to the history books. I'm not. Join me as I explore the rebirth of this community in the light of the Edict of Torda.

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Speak Peace in a World of Conflict

This morning Rev. John will use the teachings of Marshall Rosenberg, to discuss how to communicate in a way that eliminates personal and professional conflicts. Are you ready to release your love? Come hear more!

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For the Love of Darwin

Join Rev. Christina for an exploration of our church summer camp (Camp Beagle), its own evolution, and why evolution is sacred for Unitarian Universalists.

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Love the Hell Out of the World

Celebrating our mission as Unitarian UNIVERSALISTS and being "more than community."

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Freedom Isn't Free(dom)

Freedom is held up as one of the most cherished values in our culture, but there is more than one kind of freedom. Let's talk about what it really means to be free and how to make the most of it.

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Count the Cost

On this very special Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday, we will look at the man minus the legend and examine self-care versus sacrifice.

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Free & Responsible

The UU 4th principle is the "keystone" of the Seven Principles, holding them all together. It says, "we affirm and promote a free and responsible search for truth and meaning". What does that mean? How are we free as Unitarian Universalists? What makes us responsible? What do we mean by truth? And how can we find meaning together?

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