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Finding Your Purpose is Your Mission

This morning Rev. John utilizes one of his favorite poems, "Invictus" by William Ernest Henley, as an invitation to finding your life purpose which he believes lies in your ability to look within first.  Before the message there is a brief rendition of the poem by Morgan Freeman.  The sermon follows the recitation.  Enjoy!

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"Missional" is a big buzzword for churches in recent years, and the idea of "incarnation" is a central part of missional church. What does it meant to embody Unitarian Universalism?

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Mission-Oriented Congregation

Rev. John shares his understanding of the Freedom Riders and how their mission is related to our mission as a congregation and faith.

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Can't Go Back

This Sunday Rev. Christina will lead worship on a topic chosen by the winner of her 2013 "Auction & Harvest Dinner" sermon-- Darrel Nash. Darrel has been a UU (and a "U" before that) for decades and he has seen many changes in our liberal faith. As we grow into the future, he wants us to remember we can't go backward. And even if we could... Would we want to?

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