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Question Box Sermon

As UUA General Assembly wraps up, Rev. Christina will return a day early to answer your questions! Any questions are welcome-- theological, pastoral, philosophical, or practical-- especially welcome will be questions about the UUA and General Assembly.

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Life Lessons From a Motorcycle

You can learn a lot about life and about yourself on two wheels. As summer arrives and the bikes hit the roads, find out what life lessons these vehicles may have to teach us.

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From Dignity to Discontent

This summer, 2014, begins a decade-long anniversary of demonstrations, legislation, and remarkable changes and challenges in our nation. Join me as I begin what will be the first of many sermons to come about the historical transformations still shaping who and what we are today (as UUs and citizens of our nation).

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Choose Your Stones Wisely

As we prepare to enter the summer - a time of vacations and visits filled with catch-up and conversations - what will you say about the faith community you support, about Unitarian Universalism? You may feel a little like David meeting Goliath. Remember that David chose "five smooth stones" to take with him. Let's talk about the stones we choose.

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