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Multicultural Truth Telling

Multiculturalism is a vision of church that we at UUCA have discussed, promoted and struggled with. So has our nation; so have other countries. This morning I'll push the conversation further by sharing my own personal and professional struggles as well as speaking about a November event (here at UUCA) on inter-culturalism. I hope you will join me. (This auction sermon was purchased by Caroline Hadley and Ken Apfel.)

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Why I Am a Christian

Though we have grown from the Christian tradition, most UU's would no longer call themselves Christians. Is there something in our roots that we have abandoned that's worth going back for? Let's talk about Christianity, what it is, who gets to decide, and what it might mean for UUs.

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Why I Am Not a Christian

Many of us are "come-outers" - people who have left other faith traditions before coming to Unitarian Universalism. What does this mean for us as individuals and as a community, and how do we make the transition from moving away from one thing to moving toward something else?

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