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Community -- the Structure of Belonging

We will examine Peter Block's book and discuss the difficulties and dynamics of building a beloved community. Fergurson, Mayor Barry, race, and class will be looked examined.

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The Welcome Table

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, a day set aside for family, food, and gratitude, let's consider the stories we have inherited about this holiday, the "discovery" of America, and the ongoing destruction and denigration of Native peoples. What's a UU to do?

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Maybe a better title would be: "Whose Are You?". Someone once said (or someone should have said): "By their communities ye shall know them". What communities have your allegiance?

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Assisted Living Plan

The idea of building community is not limited to external processes and changes. What is the internal work of community?

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Gathering for Life & Death

In honor of el Dia de los Muertos (the Day of the Dead) we will contemplate the purpose of community -- to gather together to cherish our moments in life and to honor each other in death. Please bring a photo or memento to place on our Ofrenda (offering altar) to remember loved ones who have died.

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