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Maybe I Can Live That Long, Too.

Come learn more about the person who uttered these words: "Maybe I can live that long, too". Unknown to most during the Civil Rights era, her actions gave direction to a movement that would eventually bring thousands to Selma - not just once, but several times - and change the course of US history, a history still being written today.

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Hands Up!  Don't Shoot!  I Can't Breathe!

What is going on? Is this a police problem, or the problem of people who resist authority? Is it both, or is there more going on? Where do we go from here? Rev. John will give his thoughts on the protests, anger and apathy seen in American streets, courtrooms, and police precincts over the last few months.

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Beloved Community Lab

Remember in school, those classes with a lecture portion and a lab portion? If church is where we create the Beloved Community, we need a practical skills lab! Let's explore that idea together.

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