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Apron Faith

Ours is an active, lived faith, not one that occurs only in our minds. What does this mean for our need to serve each other and the world? It's time to put on our aprons!

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When people say they have faith they will "get through this or that" what does that mean? Is faith relevant to us in 2015 and beyond? Do we need it? Do we want it? Let's explore together how we navigate the detours and potholes of our lives, and how faith can play a part.

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Living our liberal faith invites us into spaces where courage is needed and hope is abundant. People often talk about living a life of faith. What is at the center of our faith and what does living our Unitarian Universalist faith look like?

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Hindu Trinity

The three major gods in Hinduism have something to teach about faith, hope, and love. If we embrace their guidance, we will get the essence and purpose of what life really is.

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Have We Lost Faith?

What does the word "faith" conjure up in your mind? Strong will? Believing in what you can't see? A person with shallow or deep belief? Is it a particular way of believing? Have you a faith to lose? Oh, all the questions about faith! And yet the word is thrown around by everyone (including your ministers!). Join us this morning as we take a deep breath and jump into the pool of "faith".

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