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Vampire Diaries
I love vampire shows because most of them tend to be very romantic. They are all over the TV these days. I got sucked in to one a few days ago when I accidentally watched the last episode of the Vampire Diaries with my daughter. I was instantly hooked!
By the way, how is your love-life? This Sunday we will talk about how to make love come alive in your life. Let's awaken or re-awaken the love inside of you.
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No, Thank You

It's been said that we should hold our "no" as sacred as our "yes." Saying "no" and honoring our own boundaries can even be an act of love to ourselves. But how can we maintain a posture of gratitude and abundance while still honoring our "no"? Come and learn to honor your "no" with gratitude.

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Abundance Join us - young, old, and in-between - for our first "Celebration Sunday" of the church year. You might have noticed we're honoring "seasonal" themes instead of monthly ones. Today we'll celebrate the end of our Abundance Season with story, song, ritual, and a special surprise you won't want to miss!
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Calling, Courage and Committment

Unitarian Universalism is not a "peace church" like the Quakers, but we do have a strong thread of pacifism in our heritage. How do we honor our pacifist leanings, oppose war, and simultaneously support and honor our veterans? Military veterans or their families are encouraged to bring a photo or item from military service for our altar this morning.

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Choosing Your Religion
In this sermon Rev. Fred Muir says "how we revere freedom of choice, in nearly everything we do and most especially in choosing our beliefs. The abundance and generosity in our way of religion is reflected in how Unitarian Universalists have blended these two theological histories to such a point that we forget the radically different paths the traditions took and how they each continue shaping us. Let's pull apart our UU history and look at how we/you got here."
[This sermon was paid for and selected by Jamie Harms at last year's church auction.]
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