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Countervailing Resonances

The election is a part of a narrative where countervailing forces are being called to rise up!  This is a pattern and cycle in our human evolution.  If you need some post-election context in the spirit of the holidays, this message is for you.

A special thank you to Dr. Mike Houge at Meadville Theological for his inspiration for this sermon.

Rev. John

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Once Upon a Time
'Tis the season for ... presence (which is this month's theme). So many of the holiday stories, songs, greetings and themes are all about presence - of looking for those spaces and places into which we can step and experience centering, wholeness and hopefulness. Think of the words, people and contexts in your life that reflect presence ...
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Whose Story?

Who gets to tell the story of America?  What is His-story and Our-story?  What must we do now in this polarized time to promote our principles?  Rev. John answers these questions and more as he examines perspective and some of the stories that have led up to the new president-elect.

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The Sunday After

Our divided nation has gone to the polls to elect a new President; what do we do now? Is there any hope of becoming "The Reunited States of America"? Join me on this Sunday after the election as I assess where we might go from here.

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The Sunday Before I.

Very soon the nation votes for a new President. The country is divided.  It has become mean, ugly, and stress-filled. What's behind the divisiveness? Join me on this Sunday before the election for part one of this two part sermon. [This sermon was purchased by Charlie Gross at last November's basket auction.]

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Healing Alongside Death

Death is an inevitable part of life, but for those of us remaining after a loved one dies, we are left with myriad feelings, and perhaps wondering how to heal as we move through grief. El Dia de los Muertos is a Mexican celebration of death, that seeks to find joy in remembering our loved ones.

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Blessed Are The Healers

It seems that our culture is in desperate need of healers - people who can erect bridges to wholeness and health for the wounded and marginalized. Many talk with such admiration for people who are in positions of healing. Yet, healing comes in many different versions and styles. Join me as we look at healing and healers and decipher their power.

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Healing Neen - Trauma and Transformation

How do we develop our I AM, our self-worth in a world that labels us as less than worthy?  Hear the story of Tonier Cain and how she made her mess of a life into a powerful message of hope and transformation.  

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Do Over

"An opportunity to try or perform something a second time."  That's a do-over.  As we enter the High Holy Days, this sermon reminds us that each day is an opportunity to shout "do over!"  Let's look at this meaningful opportunity.

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When the Two Become One

In this message, Rev. John Crestwell uses the Gospel of Thomas to remind us to "look up!" when faced with conflict and polarization.  Move the mountains out of your life! 

                  GOD / IDEALS

ME You

-Rev. Christina Leone Tracy

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Covenant of the Brokenhearted

A covenant is not a set of rules or a contract.  It's a promise that we make, over and over, to come back to community.  Not in spite of our mistakes, but because of them.  Because we mess up over and over, we need to practice how to come back.

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Grace-full Living and Labr

You get up in the morning, ready to start a new day.  What is your frame of mind, your purpose? When you return to bed in fourteen or eighteen hours, how will you think about your day of work, leisure or relationships?  Let's set aside some time to imagine what a grace-filled day or life might look like. 

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Mystical Moments

We often think about the existence of the divine as either “out there” or “non-existent.” What if there’s another way? What if the holy was in us all? What might that look like? How would it change our outlook on life? Join us as we explore the roots and wings provided by a mystical, experiential, or pantheist view of Unitarian Universalist faith. This service topic was the request of basket-auction-winners Scott Eden and Jan Bird.

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Spiritual Nourishment

In the second sermon of this series, our Summer Minister, Hannah, will explore how our Third Principle calls us to nourish one another spiritually.

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Trans 101

Learn the basics about our friends who identify as transgender.

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Spiritual Democracy

During this season of interconnection, we will consider our responsibilities to one another as Unitarian Universalists by exploring three of our Principles. In the first sermon of three this month by our Summer Minister, Hannah, we will explore how our Fifth Principle calls us to embody the democratic process in our communities.

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From Sea to Shining Sea

Happy Birthday USA!  Let's join together and speak of our country's past, present and the nation of our future. Are we truly a welcoming nation?  This sermon examines some of the spoken and unspoken biases many carry when thinking of the future of our country, and religion.

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Free to Choose Sunday

Our annual summer tradition continues! Celebrate our freedom of exploration by submitting questions for Rev. Christina to answer (on the "fly"!)

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Perspectives & Fathers

Join us for an inspiring Father's Day service on "perspectives" and how we each have our own position, view, and outlook that defines and also biases our ways of thinking. What is the difference in informed knowledge and an opinion?

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Ice Cream & Steak

Sounds like the menu for a summer cookout! While for some this might be appealing, a summer picnic was not the topic under consideration in a radio program I listened to recently; they used this phrase as a way to describe the future of our most reliable, taken-for-granted institutions. For me, it applies to faith communities too. Please join me as I chew on this topic with what for some will be a startling and unexpected conclusion.

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Just War

Just war theory (jus bellum iustum) is a doctrine, also referred to as a tradition, of military ethics studied by theologians, ethicists, policy makers, and military leaders (Wikipedia). Today I will look at this concept and determine if there is such thing as a “just war”.

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The Tao of Water (The Way of Water)

In this message, Rev. John shares his worldview of oneness, interconnection and shared realities admonishing us to "Be like water." 

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Freedom & Mistakes

Noticing our mistakes, honoring them, and trying again and again is what it means to be a covenantal people. We will come together this Sunday to remember when we as a people, historically and in the present, have made mistakes, to sit, and to move forward. Sometimes, we just need some silence.

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Rev. Fred discusses why we must go deeper in our understandings to "test" them and see if we are getting to know things on the surface or in a personal and intimate way.  Test your experiences by thinking deeper about them.

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Hope in a Handbasket

As we enter our Freedom season in worship, we will explore how we can have hope for freedom even in trying times

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Modern Plagues

On this Passover and Earth Day Sunday let's remember that there are still modern plagues that threaten our human existence and commitment to building a Beloved Community.

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Praying for Prosperity

I haven't heard a presidential candidate (or any political candidate) who doesn't have a plan for justice and prosperity.  So, I wonder, just how does that work? Depending on your place, family of origin, faith, etc., these can look very different.  Join me this morning as I look at prosperity through the lens of justice.

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It Was the Women Who Stayed

On this day we typically look at the man on the cross and consider what new life might mean for us. Today, instead, we'll be looking at the women-- the ones who stayed; loyal, heartbroken, and supportive-- and consider their message to us, 2000 years later.

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Emotional Intelligence

In this sermon Rev. John looks at emotional intelligence/literacy  as it relates to the use of force in our world.  He shows that true power calibrates at a much higher level of energy than force.  He also shares with us two books that support his findings.  Enjoy...

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That's Not Fair

Intern Minister, Hannah Villnave takes us on a journey through public transportation showing us how there are lessons we learn from the space(s) we take up.

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Partners In Justice (Part II)

I'm often asked by newcomers (and longtime Unitarian Universalists) where our community's commitment to justice-making comes from.  Last Sunday I started an exploration of one chapter in this commitment; this Sunday continues that exploration. You decide how we're living up to our heritage.

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Partners in Justice, (Part 1)

As we move into our "season of justice," join me as I share one chapter in the story of Unitarian Universalism's shaping commitment to "the inherent worth and dignity of every person ... [with] justice, fairness and compassion." Learning the "talk" and then "walking the talk" has been a long time badge of honor among UUs. Over the next two Sundays, you decide how we're doing.

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Drops of Water

Sometimes our individual efforts to build a more just world can feel disconnected and disjointed. How can we feel less like a single drop and more like part of a mighty ocean? Come join us as we explore that question

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And Then Came Darwin
The ideas of Charles Darwin changed everything. They continue to challenge us in new and exciting ways. On our annual Darwin Sunday let's explore the understandings and misunderstandings of what he started.
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The Other Wes Moore

In this message, Rev. John Crestwell takes a hard and close look at expectations, dysfunction and solutions facing the poor and neglected in our society.

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Why America May Go to Hell

On this special Martin Luther King, Jr. Sunday we learn that our dear brother's true final speech was in his briefcase revealing a side of the great civil rights leader that is neither passive nor resistant. These evolving contrasts in Dr. King can also be seen in the contrasts and complexities in our world's language, geography and visual imagery, leaving "us" versus "them" as our greatest human challenge.

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Satyagraha -- Love Force

How do we awaken our Love Force? Exploring "satyagraha" -- the power and strength of love in the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi.

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