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Partners in Justice, (Part 1)

As we move into our "season of justice," join me as I share one chapter in the story of Unitarian Universalism's shaping commitment to "the inherent worth and dignity of every person ... [with] justice, fairness and compassion." Learning the "talk" and then "walking the talk" has been a long time badge of honor among UUs. Over the next two Sundays, you decide how we're doing.

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Drops of Water

Sometimes our individual efforts to build a more just world can feel disconnected and disjointed. How can we feel less like a single drop and more like part of a mighty ocean? Come join us as we explore that question

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And Then Came Darwin
The ideas of Charles Darwin changed everything. They continue to challenge us in new and exciting ways. On our annual Darwin Sunday let's explore the understandings and misunderstandings of what he started.
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The Other Wes Moore

In this message, Rev. John Crestwell takes a hard and close look at expectations, dysfunction and solutions facing the poor and neglected in our society.

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