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UU Church of the Philippines and Us

Join us to welcome the Rev. Rebecca Quimada Sienes, former President of the UU church of the Philippines and daughter of martyred UU minister Toribio Quimada.


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Silent Women
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How Darwin Will Save the World (As We Know It)

"Starting with his "Voyage of the Beagle" (1845), Charles Darwin gave us a plan for sustainable living.  His description has gone by many names, but it continues to be misunderstood and revolutionary.  Join me this morning during our annual Darwin Sunday Celebration as I articulate..


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It All Depends Upon How You Look At It

Bryant Brown

Sermon title:  It All Depends Upon How You Look At It."  - In antiracism and other areas, our church has been making major efforts to intentionally change how we look at our world, our ministry, and ourselves. Intern Minister Bryant Brown will be looking at pictures, poems, and parables that invite us to change perspectives


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