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Sunday's sermon will connect our UU Beliefs to the beliefs of our ancestors via their relationship to nature and the stars. Where did we come from? Who are we? The answer may be in Astrotheology.

(Delivered: October 29, 2023)

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Sometimes our poets and writers are the best place to turn to in order to find Unitarian Universalists using a language of reverence. Come hear some of their pieces set to music and performed by our UUCA Choir. By what do we feel so inspired to use words of reverence ourselves?

(Delivered: Sunday, October 22,2023)


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God is 3 in one in more than just Christianity. Today we talk about the number 3, its significance, and why it has the power to help us understand reality and our lives.

(Delivered: Sunday, October 15, 2023)

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Indigenous people deeply reflect the natural world in their religious, societal, and political institutions and expressions. It is a deeply innate human response to the world and one that Western cultures have moved away from. How might we do better by using nature as a model in our collective lives? Rev. Anastassia preaching.

(Delivered: Sunday October 8, 2023)

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The rise of fundamentalism in the world comes as a direct result of religions that do not want to expand their tolerance for difference. This makes pluralism impossible and threatens democracy. In this message, Rev. John offers his take on where we are in the world using the story of Muhammad as a lesson of how intolerance creates bitter rivalries that keep us separate and unequal. 

Delivered Sunday October 1, 2023

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