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Humanism Is Dead.  Long Live Humanism.

I, like thousands of others, came to our way of faith as a UU Humanist, which was synonymous with Liberal Religion for at least seventy years. Like many other ideas and customs of the last hundred years, humanism has either died or morphed. Join me this morning as I explore this important part of our faith heritage and what has happened to it.

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Lessons From King Peggy

Peggieline Bartels - a U.S. citizen, a secretary in Washington D.C. - reluctantly answered a call early one morning several years ago. The caller informed her she had been elected King of her ancestral home, a village in Ghana. The joys and challenges she faced are lessons for us. Join me as I share the story and wisdom of King Peggy. Today we will also recognize our international partners.

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To Question is the Answer

"To question is the answer" is a tried and true UU motto, which sums up our willingness to test old ideas and ponder new ones. Let's dig a little deeper into the idea of a "free and responsible search for truth and meaning". Come with an inquiring mind and a good question for a round of stump the intern.

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