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Boldly Into The Future

We're on the cusp of a new year...so let us bring our hopes, wishes and dreams, our best selves to return to the places we have been and choose the direction we are moving toward. This Sunday will be an opportunity for "attending" to the close of one year and the start of another.

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Remember the Carly Simon hit song: "Anticipation...is makin' me late, is keepin' me waiting." That's what advent is all about - waiting, anticipating, expecting. But for what? What are you waiting for? With just one more week 'til Christmas and two more weeks 'til 2013, is anticipation making you late?

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Hanukkah Means Hope

Let us again explore the story of Hanukkah and see if its message of hope gives us cause to be thankful during the holiday season.

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Getting What You Want

What's the most popular Gospel - "good news" - in the United States? It's the prosperity gospel! And what kind of theology is at the root of this Gospel? Prosperity theology! Oprah Winfrey, Joel Osteen, and T.D. Jakes are just a few of the many who are preaching and teaching the message of prosperity transformation. Join me at 9:00 to explore the most recent rendition of a very old religious movement

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Traditions Worth Keeping

The road to and from the Thanksgiving holiday is long and circular. Every year we commit ourselves, whether by choice, compulsion or coercion to participate in this holiday of food, family, home and memory; and in this way, Thanksgiving is remarkably effective in its ability to stir up all of our "stuff"-simultaneously. It puts us face-to-face with the unvarnished authority of traditions, and the powerful claims that those traditions make on our lives.  So come. Let's quest for the true, the enduring, what's ultimately life-sustaining, as we explore Traditions Worth Keeping.

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The Five Pillars (of Islam)

Rev. John examines five essential tenets of the Muslim faith and postulates that submission is the key to understanding authority.

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Border Crossings

When you read this sermon title, what came to your mind? Actually, the possibilities are numerous! More and more, I feel and I will explain, living in the U.S. means becoming familiar with and experiencing life as crossing borders. Some do it better than others, some are more aware of it; others go out of their way to avoid borders all together. Join me on this United Nations (Global Justice and Veterans Day) Sunday to reflect on border crossings as part of everyday living. 

In the spirit with which this service is presented, I invite you to wear something that identifies you with your ancestry.

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Who's In Charge here?

The 5th UU principle calls us to affirm and promote the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and society at large. As election day looms, join us as we consider the nature of our authority in our democracy. What are we to do, when our society becomes so polarized (think: "red" and "blue") that we struggle to consider one another's good intentions or perspectives. As Unitarian Universalists, to affirm and promote the right of each person to exercise his or her conscience, we might need to start thinking more "purple."

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Do You See What I See?

The vision I am sharing for humanity is not my vision but the vision of the sages and archetypes of the past.  Humanity will one day in the distant future come to its senses and live at a higher level of consciousness.  It starts with developing an "Inward Centered Reality."  -Rev John

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Vanishing Vantage Points

Perspective is the sine qua non of Vision. Most humans have the capacity to see things, but our unique vantage point, our perspective, ultimately determines if we see a faint red dot or a luscious red apple or nothing at all. Our faith calls us to examine, even to interrogate, our perspectives, and in so doing we become deeply aware of their purpose and our own purpose.

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Awake! Part 1

The UUCA ministers continue their conversation with you about an exciting new outreach project called "AWAKE Ministries". Come hear how we'll transform more lives and people with this ministry to the community.

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Awake! Part 2

The UUCA ministers continue their conversation with you about an exciting new outreach project called "AWAKE Ministries". Come hear how we'll transform more lives and people with this ministry to the community.

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People Like U(U)s

As we bring this month's theme of "Sabbath" to a close, let's explore another Sabbath keeping group, who, like us, is a uniquely American religious story: the Church of the Latter Day Saints (Mormons). With the possibility of having an LDS President, join me as I consider why Mormons are people like (U)Us. 

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Spots of Time

It's likely that we all remember spots of time when acts of kindness as well as acts of challenge and complexity permeated our lives. Those moments stand out; often linger - sometimes for weeks, the year, maybe for a lifetime. Judaism's High Holy Days address these spots of time. Join us this morning as we observe the themes of this season.

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Apples and Honey

Tonight marks the beginning of Rosh Hashanah: the Jewish New Year! I celebrated my first Rosh Hashanah a couple of years ago with preschoolers at the K.A.M. Isaiah Israel congregation in Chicago, where I was introduced to the simple joy of apples and honey. As we contemplate the meaning of Sabbath this month, let's explore the simple joys of life.

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Intern Introduction

Welcome our newest Intern -- Daniel Gregoire

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Water Communion -- In Gathering

Join us for our final 10:00 service of the summer, and the official start of the church year. We will gather together for a celebration of our community, including blessing our R.E. facilitators, welcoming our newest members, and remembering why coming to church is an important part of our lives. Don't forget to bring a small vial of water (an ounce or two, from your vacation, local stream or pond, swimming pool, or tap) to pour into our communal bowl as a part of our "Water Communion" ceremony

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AWAKE Ministries

Rev's John and Fred take you on a journey of multicultural competency that has shaped the present and future course of UUCA.  Learn how the UUCA will continue living boldy and compassionately in the coming months.  Stay tuned at the end for soloist Nicole Rumeau singing "Love".

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Thoughts From Summer III, "Change"

"Master change and master life."  Rev. John discusses how his summer reading has impacted his ministry in profound but simple ways.  

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The Five Love Languages

How can we express our love for one another here at UUCA? What ways are we doing so already?

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Living the Good Life, Part 2

Just what is the "Good Life" you may wonder? Likelihood is that every pundit has taken a stab at answering this question; I'm sure each one has said it with conviction and authority! Yet I am also sure of this: An answer depends on who and when you are asking. From person to person, era to era, the "Good Life" changes. Or does it? Join me for the second half to this two-part sermon to explore and share living the good life.

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WHEE!  And Amen!

Let's talk about letting go, moving, breathing, and feeling free.

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The Spirit-Filled Church

UUCA offers a variety of different spiritual practice groups. Why is spiritual practice important? Why is it important for spiritual practice to be part of institutional church life? 

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Rediscovering Lost Values

What is happening?  American tax payers save corporations from going out of business and then those same corporations make it harder for citizens to get credit.  What is going on with corporate bonuses when most Americans haven't seen a pay increase in years?  Something's not right! "Am I my brother and sister's keeper?"  What is more important - people or products?  Come hear more about rediscovering lost religious and social values.

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The Arc of the Universe

Theodore Parker once said (and Martin Luther King, Jr. made it famous), "the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice." We will explore the arc of the moral universe and the question of commitment, love, and marriage. This Sunday, get a sneak preview of the Dignity Players' performance 8, a staged reading of the award-winning production chronicling the landmark California case Perry v. Schwarzenegger.

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Living the Good Life

Just what is the "Good Life" you may wonder? Likelihood is that every pundit has taken a stab at answering this question; and I'm sure each one has said it with conviction and authority! Yet I am also sure of this: the answer depends on who and when you are asking. From person to person, era to era, the "Good Life" changes. Or does it? Join me in this two part sermon (July 8 and August 12 ) to explore and share living the good life.  

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Metaphor and Beloved Community

UUCA member and seminarian, Emerson Hamsa will explore the role language has in strengthening the bonds of our beloved faith community.

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Prelude to General Assembly
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Forgiveness Frees Us

Forgiveness can play a powerful and transformative  role in our lives. Come hear reflections from our prison ministry.

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The Unitarian-Universalism That Calls Me.

As a chosen faith, what is it about Unitarian Universalism that calls you? How are we calling others to be part of our community? 

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Sometimes we must stop and listen to hear our inner voice. Sometimes we don't want to stop and hear what that voice has to say. Come hear more!

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Do You Hear What I Hear?

One person has defined a "calling" as "the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." Have you heard "a call" to this intersection of gladness and hunger? What are your tools of discernment? Join me as we explore "calling".


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Are You Reborn?

This has been a question asked many different ways throughout the ages.  How is it that we must be twice born to become fully human and fully alive?

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The Risks of Being Green

     In honor of Earth Day, Anastassia will explore ways that we can recommit ourselves to finding community-based actions aimed at living sustainably with our neighbors.

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The Unspeakable Truth of Redemption

    A quick scan through any day's newspaper will tell of tragedy and horror and remind us of the suffering all around us.  And often, if you read beyond the stories, you can see and hear of the opportunities for renewal and redemption.  Yet, like the "unbearable lightness of being," can we absorb the idea - or the reality - of being connected, whole and loved? 

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When Bad Things Happen to Good People

   Easter is a time to reflect on this difficult issue, and what the natural seasons, springtime, Christianity, and earth-centered religion might suggest we do with the problem of "bad things and good people." 

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Let Your Life Speak

In times of difficulty and economic change, where in our lives can we discover the values that help us lead meaningful, affirming lives?

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What's Your Jesus?

This Sunday we will look at our beliefs and addictions and how both can lead us away from living up to our best selves.

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Heal Thyself

     Healing is a powerful idea and act; its expressions are many and our understandings diverse. From national to individual healing, from medical to faith healing, from healing by professionals to the unexplainable healing we hear and read about. It's a deep and rich subject to explore.

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Heal The World

     I took my first trip to the Philippines in support of the UU congregations on Negros Island. I am different today because of my trip there. I wish to share with you why and how.

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The Tree of Life -- Darwin Sunday

Join Reverend Christina Leone as we celebrate our annual Darwin Sunday. This year we will reflect on humanity's continual demotion from the center of the universe. First Copernicus, then Darwin, now scientists are telling us they have found a planet (Kepler-22B) that is similar enough to Earth as to perhaps harbor life. Why is this demotion a good thing?

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Witness With the Water Dragon

  This weekend is celebrated in the Chinese calendar as the New Year, the welcome of the Water Dragon. What do Unitarian Universalists have in common with the sign of the Dragon? How can we learn from this particular form, the Water Dragon, as we witness in the world?

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Building a New Way

 In honor of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we will explore what we can do today to honor his legacy. How does this relate to our commitment to "create the Beloved Community by inspiring and empowering all souls to live bold and compassionate lives"?

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Consider Witnessing

Mary Oliver asks: "Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?" As we begin our New Year, consider answering Oliver's question with the answer, "I plan to do more witnessing"! Join me this New Year's Day to explore what witnessing in 2012 might mean for you.

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