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In this message Rev. John helps us understand a post-modern perspective on what ‘God’s will’ and ‘blessings’ mean in Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.
(Delivered Sunday May 29, 2023)
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On this very special Mother's Day, join Rev. as he examines the Civil War, Julia Howe, Lincoln, Douglass, religion and the human quest for freedom; and how authenticity can only be achieved through pain and suffering.

(Delivered: May 14, 2023)

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Our most deeply centered and understood theology comes in those moments of greatest challenge. In short, they emerge from our own authentic life experiences. Come hear what Rev. Anastassia Zinke learned about surrender, love, and not needing to be enough.

(Deivered Sunday May 7, 2023

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Remember when Rev Jeremiah Wright criticized America in his sermon creating a rift between he and Obama? In this sermon on authenticity, I will look again at what Rev. Wright damned in America and offer some insights and suggestions on what White-allyship really means. This sermon is dedicated to Darrel Nash a long time antiracism advocate at UUCA.

(Delivered April 30, 2023)

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