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Who's Your Jesus?

Christians (and non-Christians) around the world are celebrating the risen Christ this morning. Easter often appears to transcend any personal and cultural views of Jesus, even though those views exist in abundance. While we at UUCA may not hold to an orthodox observance and expression of Easter, we have many views of Jesus. Bring yours this morning as we examine "who's your Jesus?"

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Seek And Ye Shall Find . . . .A Home
Unitarian Universalism is a perfect home for seekers of a new path. Come join us as the UU Humanist group shares their vision of a "home" for those interested in Science and Reason, Wonder and Respect, Compassion and Community -- including atheists, agnostics and the "nones" who are hoping for connection in our disconnected world.
  Time    Speaker
  0:00    Chris Kuhn
  0:32    Robert Crockett
  2:55    Esther Geil
  4:00    Tom Moore
  5:24    Cliff Andrew
  6:40    Liz Barrett
  7:40    Rev Christina Leone
19:30    Bill & Betty Crowley
21:05    Dave Hackett
23:45    Judy Bender
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Egy Az Isten (God Is One)

Who says? You'd never know it when looking at the four "legacy" expressions of Unitarianism (Hungarian, English, US and Philippines), and this doesn't include emerging UU congregations elsewhere in the world. Each one articulates their belief of God in different ways. And what about you? Can you affirm "egy az isten"?

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Saved By A Different Faith

Rev. John explains the salvific message of his faith, the meaning of salvation and living authentically.

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