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Traditions Worth Keeping

The road to and from the Thanksgiving holiday is long and circular. Every year we commit ourselves, whether by choice, compulsion or coercion to participate in this holiday of food, family, home and memory; and in this way, Thanksgiving is remarkably effective in its ability to stir up all of our "stuff"-simultaneously. It puts us face-to-face with the unvarnished authority of traditions, and the powerful claims that those traditions make on our lives.  So come. Let's quest for the true, the enduring, what's ultimately life-sustaining, as we explore Traditions Worth Keeping.

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The Five Pillars (of Islam)

Rev. John examines five essential tenets of the Muslim faith and postulates that submission is the key to understanding authority.

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Border Crossings

When you read this sermon title, what came to your mind? Actually, the possibilities are numerous! More and more, I feel and I will explain, living in the U.S. means becoming familiar with and experiencing life as crossing borders. Some do it better than others, some are more aware of it; others go out of their way to avoid borders all together. Join me on this United Nations (Global Justice and Veterans Day) Sunday to reflect on border crossings as part of everyday living. 

In the spirit with which this service is presented, I invite you to wear something that identifies you with your ancestry.

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Who's In Charge here?

The 5th UU principle calls us to affirm and promote the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and society at large. As election day looms, join us as we consider the nature of our authority in our democracy. What are we to do, when our society becomes so polarized (think: "red" and "blue") that we struggle to consider one another's good intentions or perspectives. As Unitarian Universalists, to affirm and promote the right of each person to exercise his or her conscience, we might need to start thinking more "purple."

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