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The climate crisis has become painfully real after wildfire smoke from Canada covered the east coast. There are some who believe that it is too late to do anything about the ecological emergency. People of faith are called to have a different response. Climate justice is not solely about saving the environment but rather it is about creating something new for the entire web of existence. Joshua Long, Congregational Organizer for Interfaith Power & Light AND our Director of Music ensembles will help us explore the difficult landscape of climate change.

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In this sermon, Rev. John tells the story of Juneteenth and shares what reparations might look like in Anne Arundel County and all of Maryland.

(Delivered: Sunday June 18, 2023)

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Since the Stonewall Riots, we Americans have both confronted and celebrated the reality that life is not nearly as simple or set as we had once held it to be. We aren't at the end of this journey of unfolding, emerging, becoming, and fully living, but we know that the world is queerer in every sense of the word than we once thought it to be. Come let us consider how this shift is one that reflects our faith and points to liberation.

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