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Blessed Be the Ties that Bind

On this Sunday between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we'll reflect on one of the many themes of the High Holy Days: Suffering. Using the ancient Book of Job as a lens, let's try to get a grip on this overwhelming and powerful reality that ties all humans together regardless of who or where they are.

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Lessons Learned Until Now

September 21 is the day of my birth. I think a reflective sermon is appropriate on my special day. So, I plan to share a few of the life lessons I've learned since joining this congregation five years ago. You will find some of the lessons to be funny while others may raise concerns. In either case, I think there is a take away that you can apply in your personal life today.

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In the Beginning

As we gather to start the regular church year, it's a beginning of sorts. Beginnings are important, so this Sunday I will reflect with you about our beginnings - as humans, as Unitarian Universalists, and as a community of faith called UUCA.

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Astonishing Assemblies

This year, the Assemblies of God (AG) celebrated their centennial. "The AG grew out of the famous Pentecostal revival that began on Los Angeles's Azusa Street in 1906. In 1914, local congregations met in Hot Springs, Arkansas, to form the denomination. Mem­ber­ship reached only 50,000 by the 1920s, but then it proceeded to grow rapidly. The Assem­­blies of God in the United States reached 1 million members by 1971, rising to 3 million today." (Christian Century) Is there anything that we UUs can learn from the AG? This morning I'll share ideas and lessons that I feel we must learn from this amazing and uniquely American faith.

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