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The Question Box

When one of our principles espouses the “free and responsible search for truth and meaning,” we can end up with lots of questions, and lots of different answers. This Sunday. Rev Fred Muir makes some introductory comments, then Ms Leone answers questions posed by the 9 am congregation, followed by those posed by the 11 am congregation.  The adult enrichment program “PathWork” also highlighted the benefits of questioning and answering as we grow and deepen in our faith. 


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You Were Made to Seek

"Seek and ye shall find" that you were made to seek!  The story of RW Emerson lifted up in this sermon.  This is a re-record of last Sundays message due to technical difficulties.  Enjoy!


Rev. John

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Re-imagining Valentine's Day / Standing on the Side of Love & Justice

Rev. John, Intern Minister Christina Leone, and Rev. Fred each share a brief message on what standing on the side of love & justice means regarding marriage equality in Maryland

Rev. John - "Standing on the side of..."

Ms. Leone - "Love.."

Rev. Fred - "and Justice"

Check it out!



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